Mandy Newman

Mandy is a trained teacher and has been a professional writer and speaker for over 25 years. Mandy currently tutor’s students in New South Wales and has seen students grapple with the concepts of writing.  It is hard and complex. She has worked as an Education Officer for The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, The Australian Financial Review as a web producer and written several books. After Mandy completed her teaching qualification only to realise that what needed to be taught wasn’t in one place. She set about pulling together and researching methods and creating best practice.  Ultimately making the complex simple.

Lydia has worked in many roles within several international corporations. She understands the power of delivering a message succinctly. With 20 years of analytical, communications and marketing experience, she has had a life-long commitment to communication.  She was involved in startup of Virgin Mobile in London. More recently Lydia has been involved in the space of Diversity and Inclusion. She has managed the Accelerated Development Program for middle management and the Executive Women’s Forum for the Commonwealth Bank.

Lydia Hamilton

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