Everyone needs to learn to write

For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, at this time of the year, our attention turns to holidays and taking some time off to reflect and revitalise for the coming new year. This is certainly the case for the Literary Giants team.

As the year has drawn to a close, we have had a number of opportunities to get out and meet our customers and stakeholders in the educational space. Having a book that has NAPLAN in the title certainly sparks conversations and for some, makes them want to keep on walking straight by.

We were at a school recently, and every person I asked, “Does your child need help with writing?” only a handful said, “No”. This is because learning to write, for most of us, is an incredibly difficult skill to master. So many different skills need to be drawn on to write a response. A knowledge of spelling. Grammar. Sentence structure. Metalanguage. Let alone – knowing what to write and drawing on all that has been learnt about history, philosophy and ideas.

Yes – we have branded the books to engage with a national conversation about literacy, but our books are so much more than helping young people learn to pass a writing test by Year 9. Like so many teachers around Australia, our books are trying to help young people leave school with the ability to make a speech in their workplace or wedding, write a persuasive social media post when they are working in the digital space or write a paper to present at a conference.

Writing is a life skill and we want all children to leave school with a sound ability to write.

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